Live Stream Frequently Asked Questions

+My event is a Premiere Broadcast - How do I get access to the performance?

Premiere Broadcasts are hosted via Virtual ticket holders will receive a unique link 2 hours prior to the event start time. It is important to note that your link is unique to your transaction and cannot be shared with others.

+My event is hosted on Zoom - How do I use Zoom/get access to the live stream?

As soon as you have purchased your Virtual Ticket it’s important that you download the Zoom web client here. It’s free to sign up for a basic account.

Two hours prior to the scheduled start of your live stream you will receive an automated email containing the Zoom link, Meeting I.D and password. Please check your junk/spam folder if you haven’t received it to your inbox.

Now click on the link provided and enter the password.

If for any reason the link doesn’t work, you can manually access the live stream by following these instructions:

  1. Open the program Zoom
  2. Click on Join
  3. Enter the Meeting I.D that is included in the email
  4. Enter your full name as per your live stream invoice (guests will be checked off prior to event before being allowed into the live stream)
  5. Select whether or not you want to be connected to audio/video (this will determine whether the presenter can see you, NOT whether you can see/hear the presenter)
  6. Click ‘Join’

+What’s the best way to view my live stream? Can I watch it on my TV?

The best way to watch the live stream is via computer and, if possible, connecting it to a TV. An HDMI or VGA with an audio cable is a great option for connecting your computer to your TV.

You can also watch the live stream on any smart phone or tablet.You will need to download the Zoom App and join the meeting using the Meeting ID and password sent to you by email.

Please note that ChromeCast will only work on desktop computers. It is not compatible with smart phones or other devices such as iPads or tablets. Please see the links below for more information.

+I have paid for my live stream and not received my confirmation email with my access details.

It can take a few moments for your confirmation email to arrive in your inbox, and can take several minutes depending on traffic.

Please be sure to check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders, it could be in there.

You will receive three emails in total:

  1. Your receipt, directly after your payment
  2. An event reminder, 48 hours prior to the start time of your live stream
  3. Final event notice 2 hours prior to the start time, which will include the link and password to access your live stream.

+Can I share the access details with other people?

No, you cannot. Your transaction is for 1x Virtual Ticket only. You will be sent a link that is unique to your transaction and only valid for one viewer. If you share your unique link with others, it will only work the first time it is clicked.

+Can I purchase a ticket for my friend?

If you are purchasing a ticket as a gift for someone else, you will need to complete a new transaction. As every ticket purchaser receives a link unique to them, you will need to enter the gift registrants full name and email address so a bespoke link is created and sent to them.

+I am having trouble clicking through to purchase a ticket from the website.

Due to potentially high volumes of traffic to our website it might take a little while to get through to the ticketing site. Please persist and try again. To avoid disappointment be sure to buy your Virtual Ticket well in advance!

-It is close to showtime and I have not received my email with the link and password.

You should have received an email which contains your login details to the live stream event, approximately 2 hours prior to the live stream start time. Be sure to check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder. If it’s not there, please contact for help.

+Why is the streaming of concerts sometimes interrupted?

There can be lots of reasons why your live stream is interrupted. In most cases the internet connection is not sufficient at the time of interruption. To avoid these problems, please make sure you only have the Zoom program open, and all other computer programs are closed. If you are using Wi-Fi, try a connection via a network cable instead.

+I’ve been logged out, how do I rejoin the live stream?

There will be a TIX Presents representative moderating the event, who will grant access should you be logged out.

+What are the internet requirements?

Your internet connection should not be less than 10.000kbit/s - you can do a speed test here.

+Is this an interactive event? (Can the performer see me/hear me)

The presenter/performer will not be able to see everyone. They will also not be able to hear you as all participants will be muted. If the performer allows questions and is a part of their live stream, they will unmute attendees at their own will.

+I missed the live stream, can I access it elsewhere at a later date?

Unfortunately no, all performances are LIVE and not available on-demand at a later date/time.