The Director
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The Director

Death, the universal taboo

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About the event

Are you ready to die? Death, cremation, contracts and coffins. Nothing is off limits in this bold new performance by Australian artist Lara Thoms and ex-funeral director Scott Turnbull.

Blurring lines between funeral and theatrical direction, artist Lara Thoms and ex-funeral director Scott Turnbull explore tastes, costs and options amongst the funeral industry as one learns the trade of funeral direction, and the other critiques. Completing tasks set by each other, they feedback on the other’s actions and each take steps into a deeper understanding of this taboo.

Demystify the universal leveller. Consider the manipulation of those at their most vulnerable. Share in their knowledge and join the laughter as the duo balance the reality of the macabre with the playful. The tragic. The unmissable.

"Morbidly funny"