Megan Mullally and her band  Nancy And Beth
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Megan Mullally and her band Nancy And Beth

Critically acclaimed musical comedy cabaret show

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About the event

Multiple Emmy Award winning actress Megan Mullally (Will & Grace, Parks and Recreation) and Friday Night Lights star Stephanie Hunt join forces in their critically acclaimed musical comedy cabaret show.

The punk/vaudeville heart-child of Mullally turns musical misfit in the cleverest cover band to ever champion female empowerment. With a combination of psychic twinship, childlike enthusiasm, rigorous preparation of songs (but zero preparation of what happens in between!), Megan and her partner-in-crime Stephanie have created a cabaret gone crazy that is celebratory, surprising, sweet, tuneful, eye-catching, thought-provoking and amusing.

Performing everything from George Jones and Gucci Mane to Rufus Wainwright and back again, Nancy And Beth are an eclectic spectacle not to be missed.

“Savagely funny... a really rousing show.”


"Laced with subtleties, absurdity, and delightfully unexplainable charm."