CANCELLED the  series
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CANCELLED the series

Filmed on a mobile phone in a Spanish apartment

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About the event

Cancelled tells the true story of acclaimed Australian director Luke Eve (High Life, I Met A Girl), who had to cancel his wedding to Spanish actress, Maria Albiñana, at the last minute due to COVID-19 restrictions. Shortly after the couple arrived in Valencia, Spain for their wedding they were sent into strict lockdown in their apartment along with Eve’s mother. What results is a comedic and heartfelt 10-part series that explores the emotional turmoil of not only a cancelled wedding, but a cancelled life.

The series is filmed entirely within the apartment on a mobile phone with Eve, Albiñana and Eve’s mother Karen acting as both cast and crew. Writer/director Luke Eve said, “The pandemic has affected everybody in the entire world in so many ways. But I thought that our situation was particularly unique as well as being both funny and tragic, so I saw the potential for it forming the basis of a series. I’m a director and Maria is a terrific actress so I thought that we were also particularly well placed to film something even if it was just on a mobile phone. It’s been an incredibly fast turnaround - we came up with the idea and within a few weeks we were shooting. I’m very excited to be able to share this surreal experience.”