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+ What is TIX

TIX is like the Uber of tickets. We take the pain out of searching through different sources to find tickets to the very best shows, concerts and events and put them all in the palm of you hand with the TIX app. We want to make going out hassle-free and more accessible affordable.

We do this by negotiating exclusive discount ticket offers, inspiring you to discover new shows, running ticket lotteries and creating waitlists for rumoured and upcoming shows.

+ How to I download the TIX app?

The TIX app is available on iOS here and Android here.

+ Ticket transaction & purchasing issues

TIX is not a ticketing company or a re-seller of tickets. All ticket purchases take place on third party ticketing websites which you visit once accessing the discount ticket offer on one of the TIX websites.

Below are the contact details for the major ticketing companies in Australia.

Below are the contact details for the major ticketing companies in New Zealand.

To find out which ticketing company you need to speak with, simply click on the ticket offer and you will be directed to their website where contact details will be available. If you have already made your purchase but cannot remember which ticketing company you purchased from, you can either look at the confirmation email that would have been sent to you at the completion of your transaction or look at your bank statement to see which company has debited your card.

For all enquiries regarding the following issues, we recommend contacting the ticketing company directly.

  • Purchase enquiries and refunds
  • Ticket delivery
  • Seating maps and wheelchair access
  • website issues

For all other enquiries, please refer to our knowledge base to see if we can resolve your issue.

+ Do I need a promo code to buy tickets?

For some offers, you will be required to enter a promo code to access the special offer price. We make every attempt to ensure that we clearly display instructions to users on what the promo code is and how to enter it on the ticketing website.

Some ticketing websites will have a promo code box displayed on the page regardless if you need one or not. As a general rule, if we do not give instructions on entering a promo code then you will not be required to enter one on the ticketing website in order to take advantage of the offer.

+ How do I know if my ticket purchase was successful?

You can tell if your ticket purchase was successful using the following guide.

  • After completing the purchase, you should see a "Congratulations" message on the ticketing website.
  • An email will be sent to your email address confirming your purchase along with a tax invoice.
  • If you used a credit card to purchase your tickets, you will see the transaction appear on your online or paper statement along with the name of the ticketing company who you purchased the tickets from.

NOTE: TIX does not sell any tickets and does not have access to information relating to ticket purchase transactions. Please contact the ticketing company directly with your enquiry.

+ How do I advertise an event?

If you are a promoter or event organiser and would like to advertise your show on one of the TIX websites, please visit the advertiser centre or contact us on advertise@tix.com.au to learn more.

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If you want to promote a show, visit our advertiser centre.